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100 гадзiн з А1 - web-application that allows you to do sports and charity at the same time

The purpose of the project: to create a web application for various sports in 100 days.


A1 is a provider of telecommunications, ICT and content services in Belarus.

The National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus is a formally independent public association

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The project is 100 days of activity, users run or run distances, and then they transfer everything into money and the company that organized it all spends it on charity.


Our main task was to create an easy-to-use but not easy-to-implement project that could involve people in sports charity.


At the moment, a web application has been created, which has implemented a multi-level system of achievements, referral system, constant updates of internal sporting events. There was also a system for adding friends, the ability to publish, share news and achievements that appear in your news feed.

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