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NISSAN UA service calculator

This is a project that will allow you to save your time during your car the scheduled maintenance of


Nissan Ukraine is a car dealer, and they also provide the opportunity to purchase parts for your car and carry out maintenance

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Perfectly engineered service to identify the right replacement parts in your vehicle based on mileage


Our main task was to make a service from scratch that would be convenient and understandable to everyone, both the user and the administrator, a service in which the administrator could easily make edits to information sheets


An individual structure and design of the website pages was developed, information was updated using synchronization with the Excel file, and a high-quality optimization of our maintenance calculator was carried out.
In this service calculator, you can easily select the specification of your car, select the approximate amount of mileage, after which the service will easily tell you which parts need to be replaced and immediately indicate the price for the above parts

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