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Quoin Rock

Quoin Rock is a winery, with its huge farm of 200 hectares, and a wonderful restaurant where you can taste all the delights of the production of this farm


Vitaliy Gaiduk is a true professional in his field, and a man devoted to guilt

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Quoin Rock - beautiful landing page about the winery and their restaurant with booking integration


We were faced with the task of creating not just a website, but being able to make people admire the devotion of winemakers without having tried their product.
Therefore, we decided to create a landing page with multi-level modules that allow us to fully describe the capabilities and brainchild of this farm.


As a result, we made a landing page with an insanely pleasant design, which was able to fully implement all the client's requirements.
The possibility of purchasing products, tracking the status of your purchase was implemented, and it was also decided to introduce a module that provides the ability to online book a table in their restaurant

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