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We develop fully functional websites and applications available to millions of users on the Internet in any country in the world. Our team works with various databases and APIs, as well as scalables and integrates with other services.

By effectively combining technology, DDA Production develops solutions that streamline your workflow and add value to your customers. We have been in the development market for 8 years! Guiding you through all stages of web development, we provide you with the best customer-centric technology to develop your own web applications.


PHP is a general-purpose scripting language used extensively for web application development. It is currently supported by the vast majority of hosting providers and our web developers use this popular language to create dynamic websites.

React JavaScript development

React.JS is an open source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces. React.JS is developed and maintained by Facebook, Instagram and the community of fvb developers and corporations. React.JS can be used to develop landing pages and mobile applications. Our company has a large portfolio of projects using React.JS technology.

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